Waiting for Monique Harlowe

A hot brunette walks in and takes a seat at the end of the bar. She orders a drink without so much as a glance around and immediately starts to sip it. Savannah pokes Emma in the side and nods towards the brunette.

“What d’ya think?” Savannah prods.

Emma looks over at the girl and finishes the last of her beer. “I’d joust her,” she smiles.

Courtney Act - First Joust of the Day one the "Waiting for Monique Harlowe" Facebook page

Courtney Act – First Joust of the Day on the “Waiting for Monique Harlowe” Facebook page

A good friend of ours has been working on writing a screen play for a short film and Jamie and I are so happy to be able to watch her dream come true. She’s worked in theatre for years in NYC and has witnessed plenty of others play out their on-stage fantasies – now it’s her turn.

The film is called “Waiting for Monique Harlowe”. Monique is a celebrity living in New York and is rumored to be a closeted lesbian. Two of her biggest fans, Savannah and Emma, have made it their mission to catch a glimpse of Monique in a lesbian dive called Vera Cruz. Every Tuesday night they show up at Vera Cruz in hopes of meeting the great Monique Harlowe…and wait.

I am so excited. It seems like it will be the perfect combination of comedy and drama – lesbian culture in a nutshell!

There is currently an active Kickstarter account for the film. Please help spread the word for this unique short film and if you can, give a few bucks to the project. I know it would mean the world to my friend Miranda to see this creation become a reality.

Monique Harlowe

Monique Harlowe

Find her on Facebook, Twitter (@waiting4monique) and Instagram (@waitingformonique)…and please share!

Note: The opening dialogue above is not taken from the actual screen play – but I sure am having fun imagining what it will be like!