Uterus in Charge

Tuesday August 19, 2014

My uterus is holding me hostage. I foolishly thought that I could spend the whole summer trying to get pregnant and perhaps have a bun in the oven by the end of September. With all of the tests and procedures, time just keeps ticking away and I feel like I am waiting for a train that only shows up every 30 days.

When I went for my initial consult with Dr. F, he told me that I’d have to get a dye test to be sure my fallopian tubes were open and traffic was moving properly through them. Unfortunately, this test must be done between days 6 and 11 of my cycle. Since that initial consult took place on day 13, I had to wait. In addition, I knew I’d be out of town visiting my family during this month’s crucial time frame, so I was afraid I’d have to wait again. Dr. F had a better plan – he put me on birth control while I was away. I know it sounds counter-intuitive – birth control to try and get pregnant – but he explained that the pill would [insert fancy medical mumbo jumbo here] so I could get the test when I returned.

So today was the day.

They gave me some antibiotics that I started last night and pain meds to take right before the procedure. When I checked in, I was given a set of thick hospital socks, two blue gowns and a papery bonnet to put on. I didn’t really think I was that nervous but the way all of the nurses and medical assistants were buzzing all around me got me a little worked up.

The procedure was certainly not fun. A typical gyno visit is bad enough, but for this test they also put a “balloon” of dye up there. It makes me cringe as I remember the feeling. Once the dye was released, they showed me on the x-ray how it was filling up the tubes. Honestly I was in no mood to care at that point, but the news I got was good: no issues.

So, one more step complete. My next visit isn’t for another two weeks – more waiting. Let’s hope my uterus gets along with the calendar.

* * * * *

Friday September 5, 2014

We had another consult with Dr. F today and got a better idea of our timeline. Again, it’s all about what my damn uterus is deciding to do so it’s basically a waiting game.

My next cycle should start around September 21st or so. On day 3 I’ll have to go in for blood work. On day 5 I start the fertility meds and somewhere around day 10 Jamie will stab me with a shot to induce ovulation. The next day, perhaps Wednesday October 1st, will be what we’ll call the “Swim Meet” and all the fun will begin…

We also had a conversation today about insurance. We found out that there’s a possibility my insurance won’t cover the insemination. Basically, since I have no proof that I’m infertile, my insurance company may come back and tell us that we’ll have to fund the first few attempts on our own before they cover anything. This infuriates me – especially with all the progress we’ve made to receive the same rights and treatment as traditional couples.

Here’s how I see it: If a heterosexual couple has made several unsuccessful attempts to conceive naturally with the equipment they were given at birth, they would be eligible for treatments covered by their insurance. Jamie and I, a homosexual couple, have been unable to conceive a child with the equipment we were given at birth (duh), so shouldn’t we be eligible for those same treatments?! In the 8 years I have been working full-time and paying into my benefits, I have never needed more than an MRI. Now, more than ever, I truly need my insurance to come through for me and my future family. I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

* * * * *

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