Sitting on Secrets



August 15, 2014

We took a trip back to California this week to visit my family. It has been insanely difficult to keep all of our progress a secret. I found it the hardest around my sister. She has been the one that has been the most excited about the prospect of nieces and nephews. A few years ago, she got especially obsessed and would text me at least once a week with messages like, “Pregnant yet?” or “Baby on the way?” or “Pee on a stick lately?”

I can’t wait for the day that I get to tell her yes. I’ve known for years how we’ll make the announcement. She’ll receive an unexpected package in the mail one day that includes an envelope, a DVD and a wrapped gift. The DVD will say “WATCH ME FIRST”. When she puts in the DVD it’ll come up with us sitting on the couch. We’ll start with some corny intro and finally get to the good part of showing her the ultrasound photo. Then, we’ll tell her that she can open the envelope and the gift. Inside the envelope will be her own copy of the ultrasound and the gift will be a onesie that says something adorable like, “My Aunt Heidi Rules” for her to put on the baby the first time they meet. It’ll be epic.

It’s possible that I won’t be able to conceive – and I have tried to prepare myself for that. It’s possible that we’ll have to announce that we’re becoming Mommies in a different way. But we will one day be Mommies. I just know it. And my sister will make one hell of an Aunt.

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